Fujian Development Group Held Its Working Conference for 2016
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On Feb. 18th,2016,Fujian Development Group perfectly wrapped up its working conference for 2016.Middle-level above cadre of the company got together to communicate and discuss to reach an agreement on the approach to further development.There,an inspiring lucky draw was held during the dinner.
During the conference,Mr.Shen Yong,general counsel of the company,led the discussion on how to deal with the problems of the new economic norm on the first day ,and on the next day, shared his experience on issues centered around seal management and contract management in construction units.Mr.Chen Yongjun,vice general manager of the group,made a speech on business management and employee loyalty.Mr.Wu Jianhua,chief engineer of the company,shared his expectation for the bright future of construction industry and he also required an enhancement in safety management in site operation.Chen Xu,vice general manager of the company,re-stressed the importance of honesty while Zhang Dexiang,manager of the sales department summed up the sales situation of 2015.Then,Lan Ying,who is in charge of general accounting department put forward several requirement for the branch companies and other departments.Ma Jianpin ,who is a senior engineer,elaborated the regulations for projects with higher risks and gave some advice on safety management and control in construction site.Later,some training on document writing and a speech about file management was offered by Yang Fan,who is in charge of the archives.In the end,Mr.Lin Chengduan,chairman of the group,made a sum-up speech which cleared the development goal of 2016.
Time flies.The year of 2015 has gone and a challenging but hopeful year has come.As the new year of 2016 has come,the whole group should work as a team with spirits which ,under the leadership of  Mr.Lin Chengduan,is sure to cut through the wind and waves on its way towards and reach new heights!
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