Mr.Lin Chengduan,chairman of the group,was invited to the Promotion Conference of Credit Construction Enterprises in China
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On Nov.26th,Mr.Lin Chengduan,chairman of Fujian Development Group which is a typical representative of credit construction enterprises in China,was invited to and took part in the 2015 Promotion Conference of Credit Construction Enterprises in China organized by China Association of Construction Enterprise Management and held in Beijing.
The conference was host by Li Hongqing,vice president of China Association of Construction Enterprise Management.The participants included  Cao Yushu,president of China Association of Construction Enterprise Management,Ji Xiaochong,deputy director of the Secretary of Finance of the National Development and Reform Commission,Li Hongqing,executive vice president of tChina Association of Construction Enterprise Management ,and Han Yibao,the vice president of the association,Li Qingxu,another vice president of the association,Liu Huai,the counsel of the association and Shang Runtao,secretary general of the assoaciation.Also,Huang Dayou,who is the vice chairman of the Credit Committee, and Kang Chunjiang,who is the secretary general of Shanghai Construction Trade Association took part in the conference.There were about 240 people joining in the conference including representatives of related associations or sub-associations and representatives on behalf of the enterprises which were awarded as typical credit construction enterprises in China of 2015 and which were evaluated as 3A construction enterprises for their social credit in 2015.The conference aimed at thoroughly applying the spirit of the eighteen session of the Fifth Plenary Session and its theme was to promote new development of integrity in engineering construction industry.In the conference,the enterprises which had won the title as typical credit construction enterprises in China of 2015 were honored and the names of the enterprises which were awarded as typical credit construction enterprises in China of 2015 were made public.In the conference,president of the association, Cao Yushu, pointed out that people in engineering construction industry should earnestly deepen the understanding of integrity enhancement and try hard to improve the enterprises’ ability in integrity enhancement. Moreover,China Association of Construction Enterprise Management should put integrity enhancement in an important position and actively push forward to perfect the integrity of the whole industry.He also emphasized that a good integrity and an effort to improve it is an important  footing stone to a better management ability and a solider management system and it is also a strong support for the open-up and win-win strategy,and what’s more,it’s also a solid foundation to deepen the reform and promote the development.So he hoped that everyone in the construction industry would work together and make contributions to the enhancement of integrity. He also pointed out that the conference this time would be meaningful to the integrity enhancement and the healthy development of engineering construction industry.
As a member in this conference,Fujian Development Group is a nationally-acknowledged A level construction enterprise which has comprehensive ability in construction and engineering and which is taking the leading position in its field in Fujian Province.We have A-level qualifications identified by the National Ministry of Construction in many fields including in public works, housing construction projects,ground and foundation engineering ,steel structure work,fire facilities engineering ,the mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering ,city and road lighting project and building decoration engineering.Our enterprise sticks to the rule of integrity,win-win and development and attaches great importance to morality and integrity.We mean what we say.We believe that integrity is important for market expanding and a good brand means good market competitiveness.Fujian Development Group insists on completing every project perfectly,forming a qualified team through every project,making every customer a friend and cherishing every chance to make a brand.The group has grown rapidly from a small one to now the big one with a good reputation and all this has proves that although integrity is invisible,it’s a vital advantage which makes everyone trust us and thus win us the market.As a typical credit enterprise,our company will stick to integrity,take every chance to make breakthrough and reach the new height! 

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